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Transatlantic Fiber Optic Cable Network Providers

A securities trading firm will benefit greatly from a high powered mainframe computer that has the connectivity of 59.6 milliseconds. This type of lightning speed can make the difference between making a few millions to a few hundred millions each time a trader executes his trade. In the world of high finance accuracy, timing, speed and exclusive access to this type of cable would be a huge advantage. About half of the world’s equities trading volume comes from high frequency strategies. This is why the needs and demands of this industry will pay millions for exclusive rights for fiber-optic networks as this enables them to execute trades quickly. Transatlantic fiber optic cables work with a direct link from one country to the rest of the world for data and voice transmissions.

A transatlantic fiber optic cable carries internet, voice and private data transmissions underwater as well as over land. For example, a submarine fiber optic cable lies along the seabed which then enables services like voice, internet and private data transmissions. The type of connection could be an underwater connection or land depending on the vendors that supply these kinds of services. The submarine fiber optic cable is protected by layers of plastic and then contained in a protective jacket to secure its location. Submarine cables are also known for their best securities of transmission.

In a finance environment such as a stock brokerage firm, these organizations are always looking for ways to shave time. One of the most effective ways would be to build a direct route to their destination. Vendors that build these kinds of Transatlantic Communications Cable know the value that would be generated and work at great lengths to find an alternative solution. To ascertain these projects, under the sea cable companies preferences would be to drop a cable down to the ocean floor and bury an armored cable to protect it from shark attacks, fishing and ship anchors. There are varying degrees of processes that must be set in place before a project of this size can be implemented. Seasoned professionals take many, many years to complete a project of this size but once proper measures are set in place the rewards are tremendous.

Fiber optics have many different advantages as they are less expensive than copper wiring. They are also thinner than copper which allows more voice lines over the same cable. Compared to copper wiring, clearer phone conversations are also an advantage and as there is no electricity that is passed through, there are no fire hazards to be concerned about. Fiber optics are also used for medical imagining purposes as they are so flexible. Loss of signal connections are less frequent which is an added advantage. Due to these types of advantages, business around the world seek transatlantic fiber optic cables as one has a direct connection with no echoing in the background as there would be in a satellite connection. Businesses are always looking for more effective ways to communication with their peers as well as their customers and take these kinds of extra measures to ensure that all needs are surpassed with modern day technologies.

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